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Terms and Conditions of Trading between EDCT (Earthdance Cape Town) and you (Vendor as filled out in the online Earthdance Vendors Application form).

Every effort has been made to make this festival a success, therefore every stallholder is required to uphold the conditions set out below and to set up their stall in keeping with the festival standards. We reserve the right to update this page from time to time.


Please complete the online application as well as accepting the terms & conditions for Vendors trading at Earthdance Cape Town.


Applications for both trade and food stalls must be submitted before 15 August for selection.


All rights of admission strictly reserved and application does not guarantee a stall booking.

The acceptance of your application will be advised in writing via email.

Successful applicants will be informed by 25 August 2017.

Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Photos (or sketch) of your entire stall (including vehicle and camping) must accompany your online application.


All stallholders will be allocated a stall as laid out by the organizers. Stalls must operate from the designated stall area only.


Successful applicants to please make payment directly into the EDCT (Earthdance Cape Town) account not later than Friday 8th September 2017. On acceptance of your application you will receive an invoice with our banking details.

Please indicate your Invoice Number and stall name as reference on the deposit slip and email to info@earthdancecapetown.co.za


Arrival time for stalls is Friday 22 September between 08h00 and 12h00 (to be setup by 5pm. Please let us know if you require more time to setup.)
Departure Time: Tailgates at 12 on Monday 25th September 2017.


Only one vehicle and/or trailer per stall will be allowed in the stall area. Trailers or cars that are not part of a stall as well as delivery vehicles must be moved to the designated parking area.

Each stall will receive an access pass for one vehicle. Please ensure that this is clearly displayed on the vehicle at all times. Please collect from the gate on entry to the festival – there will be a list of stallholders at the front gate.


Each stall will have access to a power point but are responsible to provide their own extension cord of 20 meters and adapters.

All stalls are limited to 3500W.

Each stall is required to check that their appliances and extension cord is not faulty so as not to compromise the power supply.


Stall owners are responsible for maintaining a clean environment in and around their stall. Rubbish must be bagged, tied and delivered to designated rubbish areas. Bring sufficient rubbish bags for the duration of the festival. Each general stall must have 1 rubbish bin. Food Stalls are to each have 2 rubbish bins (1 general waste and 1 recyclable). Food Stalls are to have a compost bin.


Food stalls to comply with the following requirements:

Absolutely NO fires – cooking by gas only.

You may not have gas canisters exceeding 19kg.

It is the responsibility of the food stallholders to provide their own fire extinguishers and cooling equipment for perishables.

If you are cooking with oil you must have a fire blanket.


Each stall staff member must possess an entrance ticket. (i.e. 5 staff = 5 tickets). 2 vendor tickets will be issued with every food stall application. Additional Staff will be required to purchase tickets online through our Earthdance Cape Town event and ticketing page. Each trinkets/clothing/non-food stall will be provided with 1 complimentary ticket.

Food Stalls: R2200 for the festival (Includes 2 complimentary tickets)Food stalls must also provide a minimum of 6 meal tickets to the value of R50 to staff on presentation of the food coupon..the exact number of meal tickets required will be confirmed by 8th August but will be within reason of 6 tickets. The coupons must be retained for recon at the end of the event. Unclaimed coupons should be paid out in cash to EDCT (Earthdance Cape Town).

General Stalls: R1200 for the weekend. (Includes 1 free event ticket)


Bring your own structure and lighting.

No selling of any bottled / pre-packaged drinks, water or any alcoholic beverages or illegal substances at any of the stalls. Should this be contravened you will be asked to leave.

EDCT (Earthdance Cape Town) reserves the right to suspend a trader for bad behaviour.

No animals or children under the age of 18 are permitted in the market area or at the event.

EDCT (Earthdance Cape Town) accepts no responsibility for any damages, loss, theft or injuries that may occur before, during or after the event.

The organizers are not responsible for bad weather conditions and the monies will not be refunded in the case of bad weather.


The Vendor hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold EDCT (Earthdance Cape Town) harmless in respect of any and all claims, costs (including legal and any other costs), expenses, liabilities, damages and losses of whatsoever nature or kind (including consequential damages and losses) (collectively Liabilities), incurred, suffered or sustained by third parties in the Stall for any reason or cause howsoever arising directly or indirectly as a result of an act or omission by the Vendor of the Agreement.

The Vendor waives all or any claims that it may have against EDCT (Earthdance Cape Town) in respect of any costs (including legal and any other costs), expenses, liabilities, damages and losses of whatsoever nature or kind (including consequential damages and losses) howsoever caused by EDCT (Earthdance Cape Town) as a direct or indirect result of the staging of the Festival or anything incidental or related thereto.

Please refer to our Earthdance Vendors’ Application Form Page to apply and sign the digital acceptance of these terms and conditions.